BioTrust Provides Life-Long Clean Drinking Water To ENTIRE Village In Africa

It's heartbreaking to hear stats like these:

  • Lack of access to clean water and sanitation kills the children of this world at a rate equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every four hours.
  • 780 million people lack access to clean water; approximately one in nine people. That's over 2 ½ times the population on the United States.
  • 3.4 million men, women, and children die each year from water related disease—that's an amount of people equivalent to the entire city of Los Angeles.

Our primary mission at BioTrust is to serve our valued clients (that means you!) with accurate health information and premium, all-natural products.

What's more, we are also dedicated to helping, in some small way, make this world a better place for everyone. We're doing this by granting Wishes for children through great organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation®, and by providing meals for hungry children and families through Feeding America®.

And today, because of the continued support of our BioTrust clients who supported the recent release of Pro-X10™—our one-of-a-kind, health-promoting probiotic formula—and the hard work provided by our dedicated BioTrust Team (over 60 members strong), BioTrust was able to donate the funds needed to provide lifelong, clean drinking water and sanitation for an ENTIRE village in Ethiopia through our partners at®, literally saving the lives of hundreds of children and ensuring a much higher quality of life overall. That's exciting!

Again, it's because of the great support of friends and clients like you that have made this possible.

Clean Water

What's more, if you haven't heard about Pro-X10™, or the great importance of probiotics to your overall health, I encourage you to visit the link below now as 100% of the proceeds generated from Pro-X10™ sales will be donated to with the hopes of supplying even more fresh, clean water to children and families who so desperately need it.

==> Learn More About Pro-X10, and help those in need (100% of proceeds go to

Once again, it's good folks like you who have encouraged us, and helped us, to make one of our dreams come true—helping men, women, and children all over the world to improve their health. We're honored to have the great opportunity to serve you and to have you as a customer and a friend. For this, we can't thank you enough.

With compassion,

Josh Bezoni

BioTrust Co-Founder